Accéder au contenu principal

When you have been installed with Xplornet services, you will receive an automated email from Follow the instructions in the email to go to

Under the login fields, click “Don’t have a MyXplornet account yet? Click here to register.”


The My Account section of the MyXplornet home page displays your billing account information. To update your information, click Edit beside Billing Address or Email

Click Manage Settings to update the following information:

  • MyXplornet Username

  • Time zone

  • Language

  • MyXplornet Password


To see the invoices for your account, select the View My Invoices button on the MyXplornet Home page.

Click on View PDF to see the invoice for a particular time period.

Payment Methods

The MyXplornet Home page displays your current payment method for Xplornet services. To change your payment method, click the Change Payment Method button.

On the Manage Payment Summary screen, click Manage Payment Methods

Add a New Payment Method

On the Manage Payment Methods screen, click Add New Payment Method

From the New Payment Method pop-up box, select the payment method you wish to add

Click Continue

An additional section will appear for the New Payment Method Information

  • For the payment type you selected, fill in all the required information noted with a red bar

Click Save

If you chose to add payment from a bank account as a new payment method, the Pre-Authorized Debit Terms & Conditions will appear after clicking the Save button.

Click the I Agree button to accept the Pre-Authorized Debit Terms & Conditions and continue OR click Cancel to return to the Manage Payment Methods screen.

When the new payment method has been added successfully, you will see the following message:

The new payment method you have just added will now become the current default payment method.

Set a Default Payment Method

On the Manage Payment Methods screen in the Your Payment Methods section, click the checkbox to select the new default payment method.

Click the Set as Default Payment Method button

Click OK in the pop-up box to confirm your selection.

When the default payment method has been changed successfully, you will see the following message:


Review Your Usage

Internet Usage

Click on the View My Data Usage button on the MyXplornet Home page to view your Internet usage with the Usage Tracker online tool. The Usage Tracker is updated every hour with data that's current as of 4 hours ago.